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Problems With Atlas Chalet Shingles

As a three-tab shingle designed to look like an architectural shingle, homeowners achieved the "3-D" effect for much less than the cost of real wood shakes or layered shingles.

Thousands of homes across the southern United States and elsewhere were roofed with Atlas Chalet and Stratford shingles. But lawsuits filed against Atlas allege that a flaw in the manufacturing process allows water to penetrate the shingle, creating gas bubbles which are "cooked" by the sun. As these "30-year" shingles deteriorate, homeowners have noticed:

  • Cracking and blistering, often within one or two years
  • Significant granule loss, which fades the color or distorts the look
  • Lifting in the wind or loss of shingles
  • Moisture intrusion, damaging the framing or home interior
Granule Loss
Roof Leaks

What Can You Do About Your Failed Roof Shingles?

Atlas Roofing never issued a recall, but it discontinued its defective shingles in 2010. Thus it is nearly impossible to repair or replace Chalet shingles — homeowners and roofing contractors cannot get their hands on replacement bundles. Because of this, even one damaged shingle may require full roof replacement.

Under its 30-year warranty, Atlas is responsible for "like kind and quality" replacement. This means homeowners are entitled to a comparable substitute of architectural-style shingles. The problem, as alleged in lawsuits filed against Atlas Roofing, is that Atlas has routinely denied warranty claims, has rejected claims as storm damage (despite marketing claims that their shingles can withstand gale force winds), has pointed the finger at roofing contractors for faulty installation, and has used every loophole and technicality to avoid its obligation.


Similar Problems With Your Atlas Chalet Shingles? Take Action!

Homeowners with these shingle defects are left holding the bag — forced to live with a bad-looking or structurally compromised roof, or forced to pay out of pocket for expensive roof damage repairs or shingle replacement.

As a result, dozens of lawsuits have been consolidated into a nationwide class action against Atlas Roofing Corp. for negligence and breach of warranty regarding its defective and discontinued shingles. We are currently seeking homeowners anywhere in the United States who have potential claims against Atlas Roofing and offer nationwide representation for those affected by defective Atlas Chalet or Stratford shingles.

Our lawyers provide a free initial consultation and if we take on your case there are no attorney fees unless you recover compensation. Call 919-600-7356 or fill out our contact form.

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