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Atlas Roofing Class Action

The Atlas Chalet shingles were marketed as an affordable version of "three-dimensional" shingles and sold with a 30-year warranty. The popular brand was installed on tens of thousands of homes across the South and nationwide, from the late 1990s through mid-2010.

The Chalet shingles were discontinued by Atlas Roofing Corporation after a widespread pattern of flaws and complaints developed, from premature loss of granules to cracking and blistering that sometimes leads to physical damage to homes. The nationwide lawsuits against Atlas alleges that the company has steadfastly denied any defect and systematically rejected legitimate warranty claims.

In late 2013, several lawsuits against Atlas were consolidated into one class action alleging concealment of defects, unsupported marketing claims and breach of warranty. The class action seeks coverage for:

  1. Full roof replacement with a comparable "architectural style" shingle
  2. Full cost of labor for removal and replacement
  3. Any physical damage to the framing, interior or contents of the home.

See our Atlas Litigation News page for updates of the Atlas Roofing litigation.

· What Is A Class Action?

A class action combines similar claims by a large group of plaintiffs into one lawsuit, instead of litigating each claim separately. The plaintiffs' law firms are able to pool their resources to share litigation costs and present a stronger, unified case.

· Do I Have To Join The Class Action?

Homeowners have the right to "opt out" and pursue their own warranty claims, direct negotiations or individual lawsuits against Atlas. However, there is power in numbers and independent litigation can be cost-prohibitive. The trial lawyers involved in this class action have a proven track record with similar cases.

· Will They Only Replace The Cracked Shingles Or Give Us A "Voucher"?

Because the Chalet shingles are no longer manufactured, it is usually necessary to replace the entire roof even if you only have one or a few bad shingles. We are seeking full replacement cost.

· Do I Have To Prove Shingle Failure?

Any homeowner whose roof was built or reshingled with Atlas Chalet shingles may be eligible to join the class action, even if the shingles have not (yet) failed.

· What About Shingles By Other Manufacturers?

This class action only covers Atlas shingles, specifically its "Chalet" product line or similar shingles marketed as "Stratford."

· Do I Have To File A Separate Warranty Claim?

The rules vary by state. Our attorneys can determine if you need to "go through the motions" of filing a manufacturer warranty claim or homeowner's insurance claim to participate in the class action.

· Do I Have To Live In A Certain State?

It is a federal lawsuit so it does not matter where you live. The multidistrict litigation created in December 2013 consolidated lawsuits from North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Ohio, Tennessee, Mississippi, Kentucky, Virginia and Alabama. But we welcome claimants from anywhere in the United States.

Find Out More About The Atlas Class Action

We offer a free consultation and if you are invited to join the Atlas Roofing class action lawsuit, there are no attorney fees or costs unless we secure compensation on your behalf.

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